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A Message From Our CEO:

At this time, it has become apparent that we may soon be experiencing what could be considered a major health consideration involving COVID-19. Here, at Local Social Pro, we would like to emphasize that the continuation of our customer support as well as the overall well-being and safety of every employee are our primary concerns. We are also aware of the even greater importance of our client’s business operations at this particular time. We wish to ensure our clients that we are committed to assisting them during this challenging time.
Considering that our company is based on a business model that revolves around online connectivity, it should come as no surprise that our service can be maintained remotely. Due to recent events, we have further evaluated our remote operations capabilities. We have done this in order to further adapt our business to match any needed modifications that may arise as a result of this situation’s evolution.
We are also cognisant of the fact that a number of our clients will be utilizing our services in ways that may change over time. Therefore, we have a team that is trained and prepared to assist those clients when it comes to meeting a sudden change that they may require. This is precisely the reason why we are continuing to work with resource management that is focused on expediency as well as productivity.
In addition, I will be keeping a close eye on the changing situation so that I will know how to best adapt our services to support both our valued clients and our employees. We understand that changes may come at an increasing rate. Therefore, please don’t hesitate when it comes to contacting us for support or if you have any further questions.
Local Social Pro CEO
-Danny Alsaffar

Local Social Pro Coronavirus (COVID-19) Q&A

1. How is Local Social Pro responding to Coronavirus (COVID-19)?
Local Social Pro is currently keeping ahead of the situation as it affects both the public and the business world. This entails keeping in mind the safety of our employees and the working of our own business.
This includes the creation of contingency plans that have been developed in case the current health crises should happen to worsen. This also involves communication with all our employees in order to allow them to understand our position regarding this health crises and how we are prepared to address any necessary scenarios. The primary communication focuses on our working together as a team so that we can safely and effectively continue providing the same level of customer service under any conditions that may arise.
2. What are Local Social Pro’s contingency plans in the case of an office shut-down or a larger pandemic?
At Local Social Pro, our business model revolves around a flexible work plan that includes working from home as well as from the office. Because of this, we are currently setting up an encompassing “work from home” model that will cover our client responsibilities in the event of an office shutdown.We are confident that in light of our business model flexibility and the online nature of our functionality, we can proceed normally in the event of an office closure.
3. Will Local Social Pro be able to conduct business as usual?
One of the primary advantages of our current business model is that full functionality can be maintained utilizing a remote-communication format. In addition to this advantage, we have been working tirelessly in order to increase our online functionality. As such, we are confident that should an office closure arise, our customer support will experience no interruptions.
4. Has Local Social Pro taken any steps to protect its employees?
At Local social Pro, we adhere to the World Health Organization (WHO) recommendations. This entails educating our employees the steps that are needed in order to prevent the spread of CONVID-19. This includes frequent hand washing as well as the use of hand sanitizers. This also includes employee health monitoring and making sure that employees who have been feeling ill are made to stay home as opposed to coming into work.Were also keeping lines of communication open in order for those employees who may be experiencing anxiety over this health crises, to share their concerns. We never advocate keeping feelings ‘hidden’ and we emphasize that we function as a team and should always render support to our co- workers.
5. How is Local Social Pro communicating with its employees and clients about the Coronavirus?
We continually advise both our clients and our employees as to where they may obtain the latest information regarding CONVID-19. As far as our business activities are concerned, we are focused on providing immediate information regarding any changes to our business model due to our company’s flexibility. This includes necessary notifications that are required should our employees need to work from home due to an office closure.In addition, as the situation evolves, we are adding additional resources that are designed to assist our clients when it comes to any possible communication adaptations that may be needed. Our business is designed to keep in constant touch with our clients under any situations that may arise.
6. What if a Local Social Pro employee should contract the virus?
In the event that a Local Social Pro employee contracts the Coronavirus, we will adhere to WHO recommendations that include;
– Immediately cease work
– Self-quarantine (at home)
– Continue self-quarantine for a period of 14 days
We will also notify the mandated health authorities and continue to support that employee through their quarantine period. We will also follow up in the event that the employee has had contact with other employees – which will lead to an office shutdown.
7. How will Local Social Pro update clients as to any updates regarding COVID-19?
Are usual open channels of communication are designed for our clients to ask questions and to notify us of any expected business impact on their part. We have always been available to our clients and will endeavor to increase that availability as the CONVID-19 situation evolves.
8. What is Local Social Pro doing to help out the community during this public health crisis?
At Local Social Pro, we feel strongly about our role when it comes to maintaining business relations and facilitate normal business functionality during any crisis situation. It is imperative that we don’t allow a crisis to bring everything to a halt. This would only serve to cause additional suffering to those who have worked hard in order to build their business.In addition, the continuing development of our online communication is designed to create a network of CONVID-19-related updates to our employees and their families which will also be related to those who are in contact with them.
9. Is Local Social Pro capable of handling the potential influx of messages which could be needed to assist with emergency updates about Coronavirus?
With the development of our online business support, we feel that Local Social Pro will have the ability to broadcast information regarding the evolving Coronavirus situation to a large number of individuals. These include our employees, our clients and all those that are in contact with them. This will allow them to receive necessary updates which could be essential in dealing with this current health emergency.
10. How can I best contact Local Social Pro if I believe that this will impact my business?
Currently, we suggest that you contact us through our normal channels of communication. Fortunately, our entire business model is based on continuous communication with each one of our clients. If you have any concerns, don’t hesitate to contact us.Together, we can deal with this health crisis and ensure that business will proceed as usual. In addition, we also believe that our business communication model will serve as an example to other companies and organizations when it comes to the potential effectiveness of a flexible, online-related service that is prepared for any needed adaptability.
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