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    We match home buyers and sellers with the right real estate professionals using knowledge-first technology.

    Get the Most ROI
    for Your Marketing Budget

    Using innovative technology built by social media experts, we provide the tools real estate need to grow and drive the bottom line! As the leader in design-first technology, our success stories speaks for itself.

    Every month, we research and create over 250,000 design and article posts that are influential to buyers and sellers. Our transparent platform allows you to automate and acquire the organic digital presence you want on the right channels.

    Official Premier Facebook Marketing Partner

    We manage your social media presence so you don’t have to.

    Our Job is Elevating Your Brand

    Local Social Pro provides award-winning local social media marketing, custom content creation and curation for professionals. Real estate agents, brokers, and groups rely on our expertise and experience as a social media management company to deliver viable connections, build their brand and increase tangible exposure online with our proven local marketing strategies. Utilizing most popular social media outlets such as Facebook and Instagram, the Local Social Pro team keeps your brand on top of the fold.

    Get Smart Socially, Organically

    Fresh and consistent. These are the two most crucial elements when it comes to social media marketing and keeping your business brand ahead of your local competitors. These need to be in place so your unique profile page can be recognized as a leader within its industry.

    Why We’re Your No. 1 Choice

    As a premier social media management company, Local Social Pro implements the best practices, most recent updates and latest methodologies in place within the ever-changing field of social media every day so you don’t have to. This leaves you free to take care of your business.

    Our 4 Step Blueprint


    We set up your social media accounts with value-driven content that stands out among your local competition and targets your preferred market and audience.


    With our custom design touch on your social media pages, your business reaps the benefits that come from making a great first impression. We build customized banners, flyers, gallery videos and other tools to represent your business pages with a WOW factor.


    Our social media account managers and tools make it easy to connect with leads and visitors. We use features like reviews, chat and prominent call-to-actions to add a definitive human touch.


    We update your business pages on a daily basis to keep your online social presence fresh and exciting. Our focus on your digital presence means you can devote your energies to your day-to-day and real time core services.


    Who is going to work on
    my Social Media accounts?

    You’ll be assigned a dedicated team member who will work with you. This specialist will employ a holistic and organic approach to your content marketing strategy including the curation of fresh and relevant material that is designed to engage your audience in personal ways. The goal is to deliver the kind of experience to your followers that you yourself would provide them.

    What will you be posting on my business’s Social Media page?

    Our team spends hours researching relevant and timely content to find the right material to post on your social media accounts. Harnessing that research results in a targeted strategy that delivers exactly what your audience needs and wants at the right time. It’s this combination of fresh material posted in a timely manner that is the foundation of an effective social media presence.

    What if I have something that I want to post?

    At Local Social Pro, we view you as our partner as we both work toward the common goal of strengthening your social media presence and the recognition of your brand. Your social media accounts are still yours and you are free to post at anytime. We encourage you to be as involved as you like.

    How do I get the word out about specials or promotions?

    Simply contact us with the details of any specials or promotions you have in mind and your dedicated specialist will ensure that the information is delivered in a professional and timely manner.

    Am I locked into a contract?

    At Local Social Pro, our services run on a month-to-month basis. This flexibility allows you to change your package of services to meet your needs and goals.

    What if I have more questions?

    We’re here to help! Need a walk-through of what you can expect when you hire us? Want to know why we’re the right choice for today’s savvy professionals like you? We’ve got the answers you need so don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re always ready to talk shop about the exciting and vibrant world of social media. Just email us anytime with questions that you have.

    What Our Clients Are Saying About Us

    Jasmine @Jasmine

    Explained all details and helped walk me through all social media platforms to ensure that I understood the mechanics of how this marketing works!

    Majda @Majda

    Exceptional quality of service. Extremely happy with their professionalism.

    Ulices @Ulices

    I never really post reviews, but I had to share my experience with Local Social Pro. I had phenomenal experience. They where very professional and knowledgeable. I had a lot of questions and they where beyond patient with me and answered all of my questions in detail and made it easy and simple for me to understand. This is a great service and a valuable tool. I would recommend this service to anyone that is trying to become more successful.

    NP Real Estate @NPRealEstate

    Ms. Princess is The Outstanding Team Member who works professionally and patience with client. I am sincerely happy to continue my business relationship with Local Social Pro because of this great team member, they have. Everyone always thinks they have many choices in life. This is my best choice to work with Local Social Pro

    Jody @Jody

    This company is awesome! They explain everything in detail. The posts are beautiful and professional and the price is fair!

    Ken and Jennifer @KenJennifer

    Overall I am happy. They respond quickly and they do what they say. I consistently get new content posted to my site as promised. The content it self may not always be the most pertinent however, giving my followers a mix of items is not detrimental. For what we pay for this service this is a good value on a basic level.

    Seema @Seema

    Local Social Pro is outstanding!They are very professional and do a great job in automated content management. The staff is very patient, helpful, and responsive. I am extremely happy with the quality of service they provide. I would highly recommend to anyone looking for any social media marketing.

    Joe @Joe

    Team Team at Local Social Pro is awesome!!! the content they provide and custom review/flyers are top quality. I will definitely be using their services again.

    Robbie @Robbie

    Local Social Pro has helped us manage our online social media posts over the last year. They are very professional and do an excellent job! I highly recommend them for affordable social media marketing services and campaigns.

    Cheryl @Cheryl

    I have been using the services of Local Social Pro for a year now and just love it! The staff is always helpful and patient; and their creative department always surprises me with fantastic postings. Kudos to this company and their customer service!!!


    Affordable Social Presence

    Gaining access to a professional social media presence that utilizes the best practices in place within the industry starts at an incredibly affordable $129 for our pro package. Together, we’ll determine which of the packages we offer is best suited for your social media goals.

    Some of the Brokers We Work With

    It’s Easy to Take Charge Socially

    Local Social Pro knows how busy and dedicated to your success you are so we make it quick, easy and painless to put your brand on the map socially.


    Signing up for our award-winning social media services takes only a few minutes and a few simple steps. Start by creating an account and adding payment details. Then choose your pricing structure and watch your inbox for our welcome email.



    Next, you’ll provide the details that we’ll use to guide our customized strategy for your business presence online. Tell us all about the services you offer as well as any products that you sell. We want to know what sets you apart from your competitors and use that to your advantage when it comes to brand recognition and presence. By teasing out those details, we can start building a brand that reflects what you stand for.


    Signing up for our award-winning social media services takes only a few minutes and a few simple steps. Start by creating an account and adding payment details. Then choose your pricing structure and watch your inbox for our welcome email.

    Don’t Wait to Start!

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