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If you’re overlooking the impact social media can have on the success of your business, it might be time to do a double-take. Why? Simply put, a solid social media presence translates directly into sales. 

We know that not everyone can commit hours upon hours building up their social media presence. LocalSocialPro allows you to make a positive impact on your audience without sacrificing the time! Let us personalize your brand on social media and reduce the effort you spend coming up with content. LocalSocialPro can reduce the strain social media management puts on you and increase the time you spend responding to your customers.

In today’s information driven world, it’s not always easy to manage multiple social media profiles while maintaining the delicate balancing act that small business owners must perform in order to get results! This where LocalSocialPro shines, by helping you manage multiple social media platforms through a simple interface. Our expert design team creates custom images for your business and curates specific content designed to reach your target audience, begin dialogues, and ultimately help you close deals.

It makes sense to branch out on social media if you haven’t already. These days almost all of your target customers have a social media profile. Whether your clients are chirping away on Twitter, or browsing photo albums on Facebook or Instagram, chances are good they have a profile somewhere. Every social media platform presents an opportunity to let the public know about what sets you apart from your competitors.

People use social media as a tool to test the waters before they spend. According to Hootsuite, 78% of American consumers use Facebook to find answers before they spend cash. With figures like that it should come as no surprise that business owners can spend several hours a week investing in their social media strategy to generate leads through Facebook. Growing their influence and reach by posting, sharing, and clicking that little “like” button cultivates a sense of familiarity with their audiences.

With LocalSocialPro at the helm, your social media profile will begin to attract customers! Our posts will open the door for people to reach out to you, and when you message them you have an opportunity to turn them into paying customers. As a matter of fact, a recent study suggests that you have a nearly 50% chance of converting a newcomer to a paying customer by simply responding to them!

Our services help you cultivate a social media following without breaking a sweat. What you do with all that extra time is up to you!

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