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How you can make online technology work for you.

At this particular point in time, those who make a living as real estate agents face numerous challenges. This is especially the case for agents who are attempting to promote their client’s listing. First of all, you have a high level of market uncertainty coupled with the obligation to ensure the safety of your buyers, sellers and other individuals in the picture. Not to mention the importance of your own safety and that of your loved ones.

However, just by the fact that real estate transactions are considered essential services, you know that housing services will continue to march on. The fortunate aspect of this industry has to do with the fact that technology is ready and able to play a part in the continuing housing market. This is indeed timely when compared to other industries. But now, it’s up to real estate agents to get ready to meet the challenges ahead! Even if the thought of using applications, such as Zoom, may be less than an optimal way of conducting an open house or a walkthrough – it’s a viable option. Those agents who intend to still prosper in this current environment will need to make use of the advantages that technology has given us.

Short of cash? Well, you’re in luck! Technology advantages cost less than you think!

Promoting your brand, using today’s technology, can be accomplished on a shoe-string budget. Here is a list of options that are currently available to you.

  1.     Facebook – This is the basic means of sharing your brand with the public! Not only is this resource free, it has an amazing reach when it comes to the general population of any area of the country. The one main thing to remember, though, is that you will be required to use a Facebook business page for your brand as opposed to a personal page. However, this can provide a huge benefit when it comes to the business-related perks that Facebook attaches to those types of pages.
  2.     VIP Treatment – You can connect your listings with a Single Property Website. This is something that is highly recommended. With this option, you will be able to feature virtual tours and include videos that you have created for YouTube. You can also add various other types of media that will highlight your property listing. This is one of the best ways to focus attention on your listings – and it’s cost-effective.
  3.     Virtual Open Houses along with Virtual Tours – Here, we have the heart of the online digital advantage! This is where the rubber-meets-the-road, so to speak. Here, we have agent/client online communication at its most interactive. The main thing that could be recommended is to understand that online communication features some major differences when compared to face-to-face encounters.
  4.     Capturing Leads with a Virtual Open House – While the traditional open house provided a great way to obtain leads, a virtual open house also presents the same opportunity. Just one example of this is through the use of Spacio. While using Spacio to obtain leads with traditional open houses is common knowledge amongst agents, the same opportunity presents itself with virtual open houses, as well.

How to Conduct a Virtual Open House

Now is the time for real estate agents to learn how to master the technique of promoting properties virtually! Here are some points to focus on.

  1.     Understand the necessary technology – If you’re unfamiliar with Zoom, Google Meet, Facebook Live, etc., this is the time to learn how the technology works. Find out what the specifics are before you go live.
  2.     The parameters – Ask the questions; what strength of wi-fi signal will you need? Will you want to answer attendee questions live? How many people will be attending the open house?
  3.     Try the technology out, first – Nothing says “amateur” like someone who is fumbling with their technology in the middle of a presentation. Set up practice sessions, first!
  4.     Set the stage – Is everything set for a seamless walkthrough? This entails having the necessary lights turned on along with a clear pathway for your presentation.
  5.     Get as much assistance as possible – At this stage of the game, technical help may be a bit limited, but take what you can get! Just one suggestion could be an invaluable key point in your presentation.

This is a new era of real estate marketing. In order to stay ahead of the curve, you need to engage in the advantages that technology has afforded us!

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