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If you’re a real estate professional, your time is best spent managing listings, consulting clients, and closing deals. That’s why Local Social Pro empowers you to stay centered on what matters while we grow your social media presence to help you make meaningful connections with your target customers. The world of real estate is complicated enough; Local Social Pro removes the pressure to constantly groom your social media presence. That way you can focus on realty, not Facebook.

It’s a fact that businesses engaged in social media marketing campaigns have a better rate of return on their advertising dollars. Brand promoters who post and respond to their audience have a 48% chance to convert those commenters into paying customers according to a recently performed study.

Brand social actions

Local Social Pro helps you effortlessly cultivate a stream of content for your social media followers, compounding your opportunities to respond to your audience, and make those sales conversions!

We live in an evolving world, and as paradigms continue to shift it’s become clear that this isn’t an old dog’s game. In an increasingly digitally dependent era, your business must possess a social media thumbprint. Bearing that in mind, there are numerous benefits related to keeping your professional digital profiles up-to-date including increased credibility, client exposure, and universal impact of your advertising campaign.

Local Social Pro can take your digital persona to the next level! Your branded social media profiles managed by our team will allow you to showcase your history of successful deals. Your customers will be able to vet you, and read reviews from your other satisfied clients. Your social media accounts will attract new business opportunities, and a robust online presence helps to bolster the overall integrity of a business.

You don’t need to spread yourself too thin! It’s not cost effective to manage your digital presence while you’re trying to balance inspecting homes, posting listings, marketing properties, compiling notes, running open houses, facilitating the signing of agreements, updating the MLS database, and so much more. Delegate the digital marketing of your realty business to Local Social Pro, sit back, and enjoy the results!

A well defined presence online will improve your visibility; it can be a lighthouse that reaches your customers amid a sea of competition. Our team of pros is standing by to handle your digital marketing for you, increasing your exposure to clients across social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Local Social Pro will populate your feed with timely, upbeat, and relevant posts that will consistently reach your customers.

Achieve your greatest potential in a digital age. Help your business grow with Local Social Pro.